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Explosion Proof UE J120 Pressure Switch

EXPLOSION-PROOF UE J120 Pressure switch
Unit price : 80-900USD
Delivery time : 3-4weeks
SPDT, DPDT or dual SPDT output
• Meets global requirements with worldwide certifications and approvals • Increase flexibility with multiple outputs • Easy installation via dual electrical conduit openings • Simplify wiring through easy-to-access terminal block • Match process...

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Explosion Proof UE J120 Pressure Switch

Explosion Proof UE J120 Pressure Switch

Pressure Switch J120 offers different pressures, differential pressures, vacuum and temperature ranges, as well as different connection options, a variety of materials and pressure sensitive component types. Because of this flexible choice, the 120 series US UE pressure switches can be widely used in various industrial processes such as chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, oil fields, drilling platforms, oil pipelines and pharmaceuticals.

The J120 series meets UL, CSA, FM and CENELEC standards and can be used in applications such as explosion areas and corrosive atmospheres, equipment protection and personnel safety. It can be widely used in chemical plants, oil refineries, drilling platforms, oil pipelines, and coal dust and grain dust areas. Micro pressure sensors are suitable for applications such as furnace ventilation, tank sealing systems and low pressure pipelines.

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