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4 20 mA Output RTD Temperature Transmitter suppliers

How does a temperature transmitter work ?

Rosemount  temperature transmitter is an instrument that converts a temperature variable into a standardized output signal that can be transmitted.It is mainly used for measuring and controlling temperature parameters of industrial process.

Transducers with sensors usually consist of two parts: sensors and signal transducers.

The sensor is mainly thermocouple or thermal resistor;Signal converter mainly consists of measurement unit, signal processing and conversion unit (due to the thermal resistance and thermocouple indexing table used in industry are standardized, so the signal converter as a separate product is called the transmitter), some transmitter increases the display unit, some also have the function of field bus

Rosemount  temperature transmitter

Rosemount  temperature transmitter

Rosemount  temperature transmitter

Temperature transmitter Drawings :

248R Railmount Transmitter                                          

248H Headmount Transmitter


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