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4-20mA Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter Honeywell Std120 supplier original products

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Product Description

Honeywell ST 3000 Series 100 Differential Pressure Transmitters

The ST 3000 Series 100 Differential Pressure Transmitters bring smart technology to a wide spectrum of measurement applications ranging from furnace combustion airflow rate to hydrostatic tank gauging. The differential pressure transmitters can be used with any primary flow element to provide proven, repeatable flow measurement.

ST 3000 Series 100 Differential Pressure Transmitters are ideal for critical process loops and high-value applications such as custody transfer and energy and material balances.

Five models of the transmitters are available for deployment:

STD1100 to 10 inH2O0 to 25 mbar
STD1200 to 400 inH2O0 to 1,000 mbar
STD1250 to 600 inH2O0 to 1,500 mbar
STD1300 to 100 psi0 to 7 bar
STD1700 to 3,000 psi0 to 210 bar

Honeywell STD120 mocro differential pressure transmitter

ST3000 series of differential pressure transmitter is based on microprocessor intelligent transmitter. R300 version of the latest, and improved the accuracy and reliability of the transmitter and the long term stability index. It can measure all kinds of liquid and gas differential pressure, flow, pressure and liquid level, and the corresponding 4 ~ 20 ma output analog signal and digital signal. Its unique temperature and static pressure automatic error correction work can make its can satisfy the use of harsh environment.
It is DE communication protocol, but with honeywell's ExperionPKSTM collecting and distributing control system and intelligent field com (SFC) two-way digital communication, eliminates the analog signal transmission error, convenient debugging, calibration and troubleshooting of the transmitter.


1. Advanced sensor technology: USES the ion implanted silicon technology, the differential pressure sensor is used to static pressure and temperature sensors, temperature and static pressure caused by the error correction process at any time, to improve the measurement accuracy and stability.

2. High reliability: the average time between failures in 470.

3. The high stability: + / - 0.01% per year.

4. High precision: plus or minus 0.065%.

5. High resistance to static pressure: normal is 31.5 MPa, up to 42 MPa

6 wide measuring range:

STD924 0 ~ 100 kpa
STD930 0 ~ 700 kpa
STD974 0 ~ 21 mpa