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eja110a yokogawa differential pressure transmitter price

How do differential pressure transmitter work ?

Differential pressure transmitter, a space with sensitive element (multi-purpose bellows) divided into two Chambers, respectively, introduced to the two compartment pressure, being under the function in the both sides pressure displacement sensor (trend) or displacement, the displacement and two chamber pressure (differential pressure) is proportional to the, converts the displacement can reflect the size of the differential pressure standard signal output.

And eja110a differential pressure transmitter is a kind of industrial instruments and it  most commonly userd in weighing transmitter .It's widely used in various industrial control environment ,involved in water conservancy and hydropower and railway transportation and oil etc .

eja110a differential pressure transmitter

eja110a differential pressure transmitter

eja110a differential pressure transmitter

Dimensions :

 Model EJA110A

Vertical Impulse Piping Type

Process connector upside (INSTALLATION CODE '6') (For CODE '2' or '3,' refer to the notes below.)


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