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rosemount 248 temperature transmitter with 4-20ma output

Specification :

248 temperature transmitter output :

2-wire 4–20 mA, linear with temperature or input; digital output signal superimposed on 4–20 mA signal, available for a Field Communicator or control system interface

Temperature Limits/Operating Limit:
• –40 to 85 °C (–40 to 185 °F)
Storage Limit
• –50 to 120 °C (–58 to 248 °F)

Stability :
For RTD and thermocouple inputs the transmitter will have a stability of ±0.1% of reading or 0.1 °C (whichever is greater) for twelve months

Basic information :

Rosemount 248 temperature transmitter convet temperature singnal to currunt singnal and connect t it to instrument .and than , you can read the exact temperature .

248Rosemount temperature   (1).jpg248Rosemount temperature

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