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Rosemount 644-Temperature Transmitter with Head-Sensor

Rosemount 644-Temperature Transmitter

S-  Transmitter type: DIN A Head Mount - Dual Sensor Input (HART only)
A-  Output: 4 20 mA with digital signal based on HART protocol
E5- Product Certification: FM Explosion-proof Dust Ignition-proof
M5- LCD Display
J6-   Enclosure option,material,Entry size,Diameter: Universal Junction Box, 

2entries,Aluminium, M20 X 1.5, 3"
Q4-  Calibration certificate (3-Point calibration with certificate)
B4-   Mounting Bracket: 316 SST U-bolt Mounting Bracket, 2-in pipe mount
A1-   NAMUR alarm and saturation levels, high alarm

RTD Sensor
Model description:
MODEL:0068N  0065 
0068: Platinum temperature sensors with thermowell
N-Connection Head-Sensor only with 6-in. PTFE-insulated, 24-gauge lead wires
11-Sensor Type: General-purpose style
C-Extension type: Nipple Union
60-Extension Length: 6 "
A-Thermowell Material: 316 SST
100-Immersion Length(U),Thermowell Length(L),lagging length(T): 10",12",0.5"

F72-Thermowell Style: Flanged,Mounting: Flanged,Stem: Stepped

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