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Rosemount Magnetic flowmeter 8705 offers

Specification :

Line sizes
1/2–in. to 36-in. (15 mm to 900 mm) for Rosemount 8705

Electrodes :
316L SST, Nickel Alloy 276 (UNS N10276), Tantalum,
80% Platinum-20% Iridium, Titanium

Process connections:
ASME B16.5
1/2-in. to 24-in. (Class 150)
1/2-in. to 24-in. (Class 300)
1/2-in. to 24-in. (Class 600)
1-in. to 12-in. (Class 900)
11/2-in. to 12-in. (Class 1500)
11/2-in. to 6-in. (Class 2500)

Electrical connections:
Two 1/2–14 NPT connections with number 8 screw terminals
are provided in the terminal enclosure for electrical wiring.

Rosemount Magnetic flowmeter feature :

Rosemount 8705 Electromagnetic flowmeter can measure the corrosive liquid, but early order to correctly provide other customers measuring dielectric properties, in order to avoid the electrode selection of model selection of the error, lead to sensors in the later use process scrap, inconvenience and economic loss to the customer.

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Rosemount 8705

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