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YOKOGAWA DY Vortex Flowmeters suppliers

Vortex Flowmeters feature:

this type flowmeters not only have small pressure loss , wide measurement range but also high accuracy .

For the volume flow in measurement condition is hardly affected by the fluid desity , pressure , temperature, viscosity and other parameters .

Yokogawa flowmeters description :

digital YEWFLO provides high accuracy and stability,even in harsh process conditions. Combined with high reliability and robust design, it delivers improvements in plant efficiency and reduced operating costs. digitalYEWFLO Multi-Variable Type (OPTION:/MV)

build in temperature sensor, so that temperature measurement and Mass Flow calculation is available.

digital YEWFLO Reduced Bore Type (OPTION:/R1, /R2)

Integrated and casting construction with concentric reduced bore piping.

It benefits piping cost reduction and lower flow range.

SSP is YOKOGAWA’s original technology for digital signal processing.

yokogawa flowmeters

yokogawa vortex flowmeter

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