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1151 Pressure Transmitter- Rosemount -offers

Jun 05, 2017

This manual describes the following Model 1151 Alphaline® PressureTransmitters.
• Model 1151DP— Differential Pressure Transmitter measures differential pressure from 6 inH2O to 1,000 psi (1.493 to 6895 kPa).
• Model 1151HP— Differential Pressure Transmitter for High Line Pressures measures high line pressures from 25 inH2O to 300 psi (6.22 to 2668 kPa).
• Model 1151GP— Gage Pressure Transmitter measures gage pressure from 6 inH2O to 6,000 psi (1.493 to 41369 kPa).
• Model 1151AP— Absolute Pressure Transmitter measures absolute pressure from 25 inH2O to 1,000 psi (6.22 to 6895 kPa).

Basic information :
Rosemount Model 1151DP, GP, HP, and AP transmitters may be mounted in several ways. They may be panel-mounted,  wall-mounted, or attached to a 2-inch pipe through an optional mounting bracket.Figure 2-1 shows the transmitter dimensions.

The following paragraphs discuss factors necessary for a successful transmitter installation.

1151 (9).jpg1151图.jpeg

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