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Honeywell Gauge Pressure Transmitter Supplier

Aug 06, 2016

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.STD720

  • Material:Metal

  • Usage:Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Sensitive Sensor

  • Theory:Vacuum Sensor

Product Description

Good Quality Low Price Compact Gauge Pressure Transmitter

1. Ceramic core element
2. Low cost, compact structure
3. Simple installation
4. Stainless steel case
5. Die-casting aluminum shell are selectable.

Pressure range
0 to 100 kpa ^^ 0 to 60Mpa

Overload pressure
1.5 times rated pressure (1.5X)
Failure pressure
2.5 times rated pressure (2.5X)

± 0.5%F. S

Typical 0.25%F. S, Max.: 0.4%F. S

Operating temperature
-40° C~85° C

Compensate temperature
-10° C~70° C

Medium compatibility
All corrosive medium compatible with 1Cr18Ni9Ti

Electrics feature
Two-wire type
Three-wire type

Output signal

4~20mA 0~5V 1~5V 0.5~4.5V 0~10V   

Power supply

10~30VDC 8~30VDC 5V(ratio) 12~30VDC

Load resistance
(U-10)/0.02(Ω) >20kΩ

>100M Ω@50V

Electrics intensity
500V@60 second

10g/5~2000Hz, axes X/Y/Z20g sine 11ms

Pressure durable
2× 106pressure period @25° C

Display range

Electrics connector
Hirschmann, air plug, solid line sets outlet, waterproof outlet

Pressure junction

M20× 1.5, G1/4, G1/2, R1/2, NPT1/2