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Hot Sale High Quality Bimetallic Thermometer Adjustable temperature gauge China supplier Manufacturer

Jun 15, 2016

Basic Info

Model NO.: S555




Product:Bimetallic Thermometer

OEM Service:Accept

Free Samples:Available


Window:Glass or Tempered

Dial Size:2.5"/63mm, 3"/80mm, 4"/100mm, 5"/125mm, 6"/150mm

Case and Bezel:304stainless Steel, Bayonet Bezel or Roll Ring Sea

Probe and Connection:304stainless Steel

Connection Way:Lower Mount, Center Back Mount and Every Angle Mou

Probe Size:6. 3mm Diameter, Could Make According to Customer′

    Industrial bimetal thermometer adopts a multilayer metal sheet as temperature-sensing element to control the pointer. The multilayer metal sheet is formed by two (or more) metal sheets that are laminated together. The element works on the principle that two different metal expand in different amounts when temperature changes. For example, there are two winded and ring-shaped metal sheets. One metal sheet expands with heat and drives the pointer to rotate, and then the instrument shows the temperature number corresponding to thermoelectric potential.
Bimetal thermometer is widely used in petroleum and chemical industry and other fields. And it is available in corrosive medium and conditions.

                    Type 213 :

                    Bimetallic Thermometer


                    This kind of bimetal thermometer has an all-angle swivel connection. The hermetically-sealed case offers protection from weather and dust, and is guaranteed against fogging up. The bimetal helix is coated with a viscous silicone to minimize pointer oscillation and improve temperature transmission.

                    Dial Size:

                    2.5",3", 4" 5", 6"

                    Stem diameter:

                    Φ6.3, Φ8, Φ10

                    Stem length:

                    65mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mmn

                    Connection thread:

                    304SS with 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" NPT , BSP, BSPT


                    304 stainless steel


                    304 stainless steel ring


                    -40ºC / ºF to 650ºC / ºF

                    Window (lens):

                    Polycarbonate lens, tempered glass available


                    1.6% full scale

                    Option Info:

                    Other materials, ranges, connections are available upon reque