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Resistance Thermometer, Thermocouple (PT100 sensor RTD) supplier Manufacturer

Aug 18, 2016

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:thermocouple

Product Description

Resistance thermometer WZ series of assembing type industrial thermal resistances are designed and produced according to IEC standard. They normally work as a temperature sensor.

Product Feature
Resistance thermometer They are used together with temperature displays and controls to detect and control the temperature of gas, liquid or solid surface. 

Product Specification/Models

Resistance thermometer The working range is from -200C to 800C. A WZ thermal resistance contains temperature sensor, fixing parts and junction box.

Resistance thermometer industrial, chemistry

Other Information

Resistance thermometer PT100 Usage: Industrial Theory: Temperature Sensor Accuracy: ClassA: ± (0.15+0.2%|t|) ClassB: ± (0.3+0.2%|t|) Temperature range: -50 ~ 100 Temperature measuring range ° C: Ceramic elements: -200 ~ 600 mica elements: -200 ~ 420: R100/ Ro w Pt10: Pt100

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