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YTA110 Temperature Transmitter

May 03, 2016

YTA110 Temperature Transmitter supplier

The YTA110 is the high performance temperature transmitter that accepts Thermocouple, RTD, ohms orDC  milivolts inputs and converts it to a 4 to 20 mA DC signal for transmission. The YTA110 supports either BRAIN or HART communication protocol.The YTA110 in it standard configuration is certified by TU ¨ V as complying with SIL2 for safety requirement.

Feature :

Sensor Burnout

High (21.6 mA DC) or Low (3.6 mA DC),


Output in Transmitter Failure

Up-scale: 110%, 21.6 mA DC or more (Standard or Optional code /C3)

Down-scale: –5%, 3.2 mA DC or less (Optional code/C1 or /C2)

Update Time

Approximately 0.5 seconds

Turn-on Time

Approximately 5 seconds

Damping Time Constant

Selectable from 0 to 99 seconds

Ambient Temperature Limits

Option code may affect limits.

-40 to 85 ˚C (-40 to 185 ˚F)

-30 to 80 ˚C (-22 to 176 ˚F) with Integral Indicator

Ambient Humidity Limits

5 to 100 % RH at 40 ˚C (104 ˚F)