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Digital Multimeter Smart Meter

  • Smart Pressure Transmitter Advantages

    Contact NowSmart Pressure Transmitter AdvantagesDo you know the advantages of smart pressure transmitter ? 1. The pressure transmitter has the characteristics of reliable performance and stable performance. 2. Special V/I integrated circuit, with less peripheral devices, high reliability, easy maintenance, small volume, light weight,...Read More

  • ST 3000 Smart Pressure Transmitter Honeywell

    Contact NowST 3000 Smart Pressure Transmitter HoneywellST3000 Smart Pressure Transmitter Honeywell Desription : ST3000 pressure transmitter can replace any 4 to 20 mA output transmitter in use today and operates over a standard two-wire system .The transmitter’s meter body and electronics housing resist shock, vibration, corrosion, and moisture. The...Read More

  • Rosemount Smart Vortex Wafer Flow Meter

    Contact NowRosemount Smart Vortex Wafer Flow MeterVortex flow meter is a volume flow meter that measures the volume flow rate of gas, steam or liquid, the volume flow rate of standard state or the mass flow rate according to Karman vortex street principle. It can be used as flow transmitter in automatic control system. It is mainly used for...Read More

  • Rosemount Smart 1151 Transmitter

    Contact NowRosemount Smart 1151 TransmitterRosemount 1151 Transmitter - Smart Pressure Transmitters‎
    Unit price : 400-780USD
    Min Order : 1 piece
    Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union .
    Delivery time : 2-3weeks
    Main specification : 1151DP:Differential Pressure Transmitter Pressure Range : 30 inH2O (7.46 kPa)...
    Read More

  • Rosemount 1151GP- Smart Pressure Transmitter

    Contact NowRosemount 1151GP- Smart Pressure TransmitterRosemount 1151GP smart pressure transmitter
    Unit price : 480-780USD
    Min Order : 1 piece
    Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union .
    Delivery time : 2-3weeks
    Technical Specifications: Pressure Range : 30 inH2O (7.46 kPa) 150 inH2O (37.3 kPa) 750 inH2O (186.4 kPa) 100 psi...
    Read More

  • Vortex Flow Meter Rosemount 8800DF

    Contact NowVortex Flow Meter Rosemount 8800DFDescription : Rosemount 8800D Multivariable Vortex Flowmeter Reduces Installation Costs, Simplifies Installation Engineering, and Improves Saturated Steam Application Performance The multivariable vortex flowmeter structure uses a vortex generator as a thermal element sleeve to embed a...Read More

  • Smart 3144p Temperature Transmitter

    Contact NowSmart 3144p Temperature Transmittersmart 3144p Temperature Transmitter Descriptions : Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter with HART® Protocol .the Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter with HART protocol delivers exceptional measurement accuracy, stability and reliability, making it the industry's leading temperature...Read More

  • Vortex Flow Meter -Rosemount 8800D

    Contact NowVortex Flow Meter -Rosemount 8800DBasic information : Available in Flanged, Reducer, and Dual Vortex meter designs in 1- through 12-in. meter body sizes for ASME B16.5 flange connections. Available in 40 mm through 300 mm meter body sizes for EN 1092-1 and JIS B2220 flange connections. It can be applicated in the following ways:...Read More

  • Emerson Micro Motion Flow Meter R100 With 1700

    Contact NowEmerson Micro Motion Flow Meter R100 With 1700Emerson micro motion flow meter R100 with 1700 Description : Micro Motion mass flow meters are the leading precision flow and density measurement solutions for ELEP instruments for accurate and repeatable mass measurement of liquids, gases or slurries. ELITE meters provide accurate measurement...Read More

  • Fluke 106 15B Digital Multimeter Smart Meter

    Contact NowFluke 106 15B Digital Multimeter Smart MeterFluke 106 15B Digital Multimeter Smart Meter Feature : Multimeter, also known as multiplexing table, multimeter, with three tables, with numerous tables, etc., power electronics and other sectors essential measurement instruments generally to measure voltage, current and resistance for the main...Read More