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Pt100 RTD Sensor Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters in China

  • Emerson Micro Motion Transmitter With Sensor

    Contact NowEmerson Micro Motion Transmitter With SensorThe Emerson micro motion mass flowmeter directly measures the mass flow of the medium through the flow meter, and also measures the density of the medium and the temperature of the indirect measurement medium.Because the transmitter is a single chip microcomputer as the core of the smart meter,...Read More

  • Resistance Sensor pt100 RTD

    Contact NowResistance Sensor pt100 RTDTemperature sensor cores pt100 sensor RTD Feature : Thermal resistance (thermal resistor) is the most commonly used in a low temperature zone temperature detector. Thermal resistance temperature measurement principle is based on the resistance value of the conductor or semiconductor with...Read More

  • RTD Temperature Sensor PT100

    Contact NowRTD Temperature Sensor PT100Industry Temperature Sensor Pt100 Feature : pt100 temperature sensor is a temperature variable into a standardized output signal can be transmitted meter. Mainly used for industrial process measurement and control temperature parameters. Transmitters with sensors usually consists of two parts: a...Read More

  • PT100 Temperature Sensor

    Contact NowPT100 Temperature SensorPt100 temperature sensor Feature : Thermocouple is the most widely used temperature gauge. Its main feature is the wide temperature range, performance Relatively stable, while the structure is simple, good dynamic response, more remote 4-20mA signals can be easy Automatic control and centralized...Read More

  • Emerson 644 Temperature Transmitter Exporters

    Contact NowEmerson 644 Temperature Transmitter ExportersEmerson 644 temperature transmitter feature : transmitter accuracy :±0.03% Transmitter stability : Within one year, the error is plus or minus 0.1%. DIgital accuracy : ±0.15℃(±0.27F) Transmitter out put : thermocouple ,Mv,ohm By inputing the temperature-resistance profile specific to the RTD...Read More