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Rosemount Flowmeter Suppliers and Agent

  • Rosemount 1151 Pressure Transmitter

    Contact NowRosemount 1151 Pressure TransmitterRosemount 1151 pressure transmitter Feature : Power Supply The DC power supply should provide power with less than 2% ripple. The total load is the sum of the resistance of the signal leads and the load resistance of the controller, indicator, and related pieces. The resistance of intrinsic...Read More

  • Rosemount 248R Temperature Transmitter

    Contact NowRosemount 248R Temperature TransmitterRosemount 248R temperature transmitter Feature : The Rosemount 248 temperature transmitter has a standard transmitter design that provides flexible and reliablie performance in process environments. Transmitter features include: • HART / 4-20 mA communication protocol • Rail Mount transmitter...Read More

  • Rosemount 8700M Magnetic Flowmeter

    Contact NowRosemount 8700M Magnetic FlowmeterRosemount 8700M Magnetic Flowmeter Feature: Industry leading performance: Standard reference accuracy of 0.25% of rate High reference accuracy of 0.15% of rate (optional) Rosemount 8732 Transmitter: Integral and remote mount designs, backlit display, and explosion-proof housing Available in...Read More

  • Rosemount 3051S Pressure Transmitter

    Contact NowRosemount 3051S Pressure Transmitter3051S Scalable Coplanar Pressure Transmitter Feature : • 3051S Series delivers highest field performance and reliability • SuperModule® Platform provides a foundation for integrated pressure, flow, and level solutions • IEC 62591 (WirelessHART™) Protocolenables cost effective installations •...Read More

  • Rosemount 248 Temperature Transmitter

    Contact NowRosemount 248 Temperature TransmitterThe Rosemount 248 Temperature Transmitter is designed to meet the needs of conventional single point measurement applications. This transmitter is HART®-compliant and can be ordered with a variety of sensors (RTD and thermocouple) and thermowells.Read More

  • Rosemount 475 Feild Communicator

    Contact NowRosemount 475 Feild CommunicatorRosemount 475 Feild Communicator Feature : Rosemount 475 Field Communicator Communicator is the new standard, he is further based on the needs of Rosemount and the Rosemount 275hart Communicator Communicator 375Hart 20 years of application and user experience and the development of a new...Read More

  • Rosemount 644 Temperature Transmitter

    Contact NowRosemount 644 Temperature TransmitterRosemount 644 Temperature Transmitter Feature : 1. Attach the thermowell to the pipe or process container wall. Install and tighten thermowells before applying process pressure. 2. Attach necessary extension nipples and adapters to the thermowell.Seal the nipple and adapter threads with silicone...Read More

  • Rosemount R-Series Mass And Volume Flowmeter

    Contact NowRosemount R-Series Mass And Volume FlowmeterR-Series Mass and Volume Flowmeter Feature : The R-Series flowmeters are competitive in both price and accuracy specifications with positive displacement, differential pressure, magnetic, and vortex flowmeters, yet they have many advantages that the other technologies do not. Like all our...Read More

  • Rosemount 475 Hart Communicator

    Contact NowRosemount 475 Hart CommunicatorRosemount 475 Hart Communicator Feature : Currently over 200 equipment suppliers to provide more than 600 kinds of HART and FF fieldbus device protocol, Rosemount 475 handheld supports Emerson's PlantWeb PlantWeb technology and a combination of 17 years provided their instruments and valves...Read More

  • Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter

    Contact NowRosemount 3144P Temperature TransmitterRosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter has a dual-chamber housing that ensures reliability and advanced diagnostics to keep your measurement points up and running. It is equipped with a single sensor and dual sensor inputs so it can receive inputs from two independent sensors simultaneously.Read More