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  • YOKOGAWA DY Vortex Flowmeters

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    YOKOGAWA DY Vortex Flowmeters

    Yokogawa is a world renowned instrument supplier with world-leading silicon processing and pressure package technology, while yokogawa motor (YSI) has electromagnetic flow measurement technology integrating practicality and efficiency. In order to adapt to the changing market demand, the... Read More

  • Yokogawa Axf Series Magnetic Flowmeter

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    Yokogawa Axf Series Magnetic Flowmeter

    AXF series electromagnetic flowmeter is a product developed based on decades of field practice. It is durable and easy to operate. The combination of the diagnostic function of the replaceable electrode and the viscosity of the electrode greatly improves the system maintainability. It adopts... Read More

  • Vortex Flow Meter -Rosemount 8800D

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    Vortex Flow Meter -Rosemount 8800D

    Basic information : Available in Flanged, Reducer, and Dual Vortex meter designs in 1- through 12-in. meter body sizes for ASME B16.5 flange connections. Available in 40 mm through 300 mm meter body sizes for EN 1092-1 and JIS B2220 flange connections. It can be applicated in the following ways:... Read More

  • Temperature Transmitter 248HA Rosemount

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    Temperature Transmitter 248HA Rosemount

    Basic information : The rosemount temperature transmitter is an instrument that converts temperature variables into transferable standardized output signals. It is mainly used for the measurement and control of temperature parameters in industrial processes. The design of t transmitter... Read More

  • Rosemount Temperature Transmitter 3144p

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    Rosemount Temperature Transmitter 3144p

    The 3144p temperature transmitter is a signal that transforms the temperature sensor into a current signal, connected to a secondary instrument, indicating the corresponding temperature. For example, the temperature sensor's model is PT100, so the temperature current transmitter is designed... Read More

  • Rosemount Smart Vortex Wafer Flow Meter

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    Rosemount Smart Vortex Wafer Flow Meter

    Vortex flow meter is a volume flow meter that measures the volume flow rate of gas, steam or liquid, the volume flow rate of standard state or the mass flow rate according to Karman vortex street principle. It can be used as flow transmitter in automatic control system. It is mainly used for... Read More

  • Rosemount 8732e And 8705 Flow Transmitter

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    Rosemount 8732e And 8705 Flow Transmitter

    Electromagnetic flowmeter is simply composed of a flow sensor transmitter. The installation requirements of the it are that it must be installed at the lowest point of the pipeline or the vertical section of the pipeline, and it must be in the case of full pipe. The requirements for the straight... Read More

  • Rosemount 3051 Traditional Flange Transmitters

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    Rosemount 3051 Traditional Flange Transmitters

    Rosemount 3051 flange pressure transmitter can test gas ,steam and liquid. With best performance it has a flexible coplanar platform and installation. Rosemount pressure transmitter can reach five -year stability and high accuracy. It is best choice for a lot of end users and this type can bring... Read More

  • Rosemount 3051L Transmitter Type

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    Rosemount 3051L Transmitter Type

    3051 pressure transmitter is marketed as a core product in all rosemont products. Support and preferential policies in all aspects take precedence over other products. When it works, the isolation membrane on the side of high and low pressure and the filling liquid transfer the process pressure... Read More


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    The electronic circuit of the 2088 pressure transmitter uses ASIC (special integrated circuit) and surface encapsulation technology. After receiving the digital signal and the correction coefficient of the sensor film head, the signal is modified and linearized. The output circuit of the... Read More

  • Micro Motion Transmitter ( HFO Flowmeter)

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    Micro Motion Transmitter ( HFO Flowmeter)

    It is a new type of mechatronics intelligent volumetric flowmeter, absorbed the advantages internal error correction through microcomputer system and realizing the high accuracy of flowmeter. Besides the error compensation of mechanical system, it can also increase the temperature compensation,... Read More

  • Pressure Transmitter Yokogawa Eja530a

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    Pressure Transmitter Yokogawa Eja530a

    Basic feature of this type pressure transmitter : Yokogawa style S2 include EJA510A absolute and eja530a gauge ones. These transmitters are used to measure the pressure of the gas, liquid, and steam, which is then converted into a 4-20madc current signal output. With high accuracy and stability... Read More

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