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Resistance Thermometers

  • RTD Temperature Sensor PT100

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    RTD Temperature Sensor PT100

    Industry Temperature Sensor Pt100 Feature : pt100 temperature sensor is a temperature variable into a standardized output signal can be transmitted meter. Mainly used for industrial process measurement and control temperature parameters. Transmitters with sensors usually consists of two parts: a...Read More

  • Temperature Sensor Cores PT100 Sensor RTD

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    Temperature Sensor Cores PT100 Sensor RTD

    Temperature sensor cores pt100 sensor RTD Feature : Thermal resistance (thermal resistor) is the most commonly used in a low temperature zone temperature detector. Thermal resistance temperature measurement principle is based on the resistance value of the conductor or semiconductor with...Read More

  • PT100 Temperature Sensor

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    PT100 Temperature Sensor

    Pt100 temperature sensor Feature : Thermocouple is the most widely used temperature gauge. Its main feature is the wide temperature range, performance Relatively stable, while the structure is simple, good dynamic response, more remote 4-20mA signals can be easy Automatic control and centralized...Read More