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RTD Temperature Sensor PT100

Industry Temperature Sensor Pt100 Feature : pt100 temperature sensor is a temperature variable into a standardized output signal can be transmitted meter. Mainly used for industrial process measurement and control temperature parameters. Transmitters with sensors usually consists of two parts: a...

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RTD Temperature Sensor PT100

RTD Temperature Sensor PT100

RTD Temperature Sensor PT100 is a high-precision measurement and control instrument composed of high-performance large-scale integrated circuits as peripheral components. The hardware uses a variety of anti-interference technologies and features high reliability. The signal of the thermal resistor is amplified, compensated and converted into a two-wire 4-20MA, which is widely used in industrial control.

Feature :

PT100 thermal resistance signal input

Can be 4-20mA output optional

Long distance transmission (maximum 1000M)

High precision, good anti-interference stability

The sensor uses a three-wire input and the output uses a two-wire output.

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