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Fluke 106 15B Digital Multimeter Smart Meter

Fluke 106 15B Digital Multimeter Smart Meter Feature : Multimeter, also known as multiplexing table, multimeter, with three tables, with numerous tables, etc., power electronics and other sectors essential measurement instruments generally to measure voltage, current and resistance for the main...

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Fluke 106 15B Digital Multimeter Smart Meter

Fluke 106 15B Digital Multimeter Smart Meter

106 Digital Multimeter is a new handheld multimeter with a pocket-sized design that is comfortable to hold, and easy to carry. The multimeter has the best level of safety in its class (CATIII: 600V) and a rugged casing. The meter drop test is easy to use and durable; the full-parameter automatic range design makes the test faster and more efficient. Full-parameter automatic range design, testing is faster and more efficient.


●Exquisite design, stylish appearance, palm size design, comfortable grip, only weight 200g, easy to carry

● Complete test functions, including AC and DC voltage measurement, AC and DC current measurement, resistance measurement, on-off measurement, capacitance measurement, resistance measurement, on-off measurement, etc., to meet basic electrical maintenance, electrical measurement, and electronic measurement applications.

● Full-parameter automatic range test, which is convenient and quick to test; at the same time, it reduces the number of rotations of the wave plate and prolongs the life of the instrument.

●According to IEC61010-1 CATIII 600V over-voltage protection safety standard, it expands the scope of test application, and the test is safer, which protects the user's investment and ensures the safety of personnel and instruments.

● Battery powered, automatic power saving mode.

● Data retention function makes it easier to read measurement results

●Sturdy casing and 1 meter anti-drop test to ensure outstanding accidents still outstanding

●Smart Strap intelligent magnetic multi-purpose lanyard optional

● Unique and novel design, adsorption, suspension, support, free to use,

● Instrument carrying and testing is easier

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